Monday, July 18, 2011

Wednesday Memorial Service

We will be having a memorial service in honor of Nacho on Wednesday, July 20th at 3:00 pm at Cone Chapel at Willamette University. We will have a reception afterward at the Cat Cavern on campus.


  1. I am heartbroken at the loss of this good man. I heard him speak the first time in 2006 at the International Listening Association Conference. He spoke eloquently about shades of silence and listening, including Buddhist listening. There was a peace and wisdom about him I found reassuring. He participated at NWCA, bringing students, being a friendly influence. He was to be our Media Division Chair for 2012. I miss him terribly.

  2. I want to say thank you to Nacho for shaping the person I am today, for inspiring me to go on in my scholarship, and life full of confidence and relief. There are no words to express my other feelings of loss and mourning in this moment. I miss you Nacho and hope that I can model what you taught me in and outside of the classroom.


  3. I knew Nacho in the parent role - he was one of THE most loving, affectionate, patient and fun dads I've had the pleasure of knowing. His sweet way with his children was heartwarming and I know they will always always know how much their father loved them.
    My love and prayers are with all of you Michelle, Phoenix and Terra.

  4. The night before I left for China, I learned the shocking word about Nacho. Just about a year ago, Nacho and I, along with a couple of other WU faculty were in Xiamen, China. It was his first trip to China, and I remember he said that he would like to come back to China later... And nine years ago, Nacho and I came to Willamette as the same "class." I thought we might retire at the same year as well ... It is so hard to accept this fact...

  5. You inspired,you fought,you never gave up!
    This world without you is less passionate,less democratic,less friendly...But of course, a great man like you thought of everything.You taught so many students and teachers about democracy,with your personality you taught us what it means to be a warm,giving and helping person!Thank you Nacho for planting seeds of GOODWILL, TRUST and friendship into YLP 2011 participants!I hope we will make the world a better,more peaceful ,caring place on Earth just like you did. And Nacho , your mission is not over!We will take over now,and you,you rest in peace and give us a nudge if we mess up!
    Michelle, Phoenix and Terra I am deeply saddened by your loss,Nacho will be greatly missed not only in the USA ,Poerto Rico but in Bosnia and Herzegovina,too.

    Janja Mikolic

  6. Claire NettletonJuly 19, 2011 at 8:35 AM


    Oh, Michelle, I cannot fathom the grief you feel right now. I just want to turn back the clock. I'm sorry I didn't know Nacho, but I know he was exceptionally special not only to you, but to the world. What he started will not end, and we are all better for him being here.

  7. Dear Nacho, rest in peace, you were such a great professor, I learned so much from you, not only about facts but also how to be great to all people, and you were positive and you will stay positive energy in this Universe, you will always stay in our hearts!

  8. Dear Michelle,

    My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. I am absolutely heart broken for you. I can't even imagine what you are going through. Nacho truly touched so many lives. I can tell just through this blog how deeply he will be missed. It's so rare for one person to make such a positive impact on the world. I'm always here for you, no matter what you need.

  9. May God place him to heaven :(

  10. I am so very said to hear about Nacho. He was such a nice, decent, and open-minded person. His vibe was peace and love; you could feel it whenever around him.
    I am so sad for his family and the Willamette community. Losing him is a huge loss. He is irreplaceable. He will be missed.

    Thabiti Lewis

  11. I went to school with Nacho at the University of Maryland. At the time I was a master's student still wet behind the ears. Two things about Nacho that I fondly remember. He always had useful advice (especially for people starting the program). Everyone liked him. A second thing is that he was a true activist: he believed in his causes and he lived what he believed. This is truly a loss because he is a person who had so much to contribute. I will miss him greatly.